Sunday, October 29, 2017

Writing Through The Year

I absolutely find this packet so helpful.  I use it for the writing center as well as assessment.
This packet covers September through May.

Each month there are at least three types of writing presented.
Narrative, Informative, Opinion, Sequencing

The styles of writing follow the steps of writing.
There are Pre Writing or Graphic Organizers for gathering thoughts and drawing conclusions.
There is a checklist for Editing and finally there are three differentiated writing forms to meet all level or writers in your classroom or grade levels.

Each month has an anchor chart with vocabulary words and then each of those words are on individual cards with pictures for posting.

Here are samples of the pre writes for opinion.

Here are samples of the rewrites for sequencing.

Here are the pre writes for narrative.

These are samples of the final write pages from an informative writing group.


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