Sunday, October 1, 2017

JUST SAY NO! Red Ribbon Week Activities for your primary class!!

Activities to support A HEALTHY ME during Red Ribbon Week.

There is a poster and vocabulary for posting.

There is a student poster to create, a Healthy Me picture, and a PLEDGE.

 There are activities for Healthy/Hurtful, Kind/Unkind, and Healthy Senses.
Word work includes a word search, working with ee, a vocabulary study.

A mini book is included for interactive participation as well as two student posters students can color and create.

I love the gumballs...I "chews"!
Students can then write about the healthy "chews"!!

Added to the packet is a Halloween theme.
All the activities you saw on the previous slides are also available with a Halloween theme.

There are colorful bookmarks and a cut little craft to decorate your room.

Just say "BOO" to drugs!!


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