Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The First Thanksgiving...An educational packet for the primary child.

This packet is designed specifically to help educate the primary child about the First Thanksgiving.

Book suggestions are ideal for getting a realistic look at the life of the two groups of Americans in our early country.
The packet has informational text about the First Thanksgiving.
There is a True/False page for assessment and a sequence page that could be used for assessment as well.

After reading and gathering facts students will make connections between THEIR life and the lives of the Americans long ago.

There is an informational text book comparing and contrasting the Colonial Americans with the Native Americans.  Think of it as how we are ALIKE yet DIFFERENT.

Students will create posters about a Colonial American child and a Native American child.

Students will use graphic organizers to recall facts about the First Thanksgiving.

Students will use graphic organizers to recall facts about what they are THANKFUL FOR.

Using the ideas they gathered they will prepare final writes.
There are class cover books for creating a class book.

Word work is also included.

Finally there are vocabulary words for posting and a data collection activity for your class.
Students can also make these adorable page topers to display their writing.


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