Sunday, October 15, 2017

Let's Write With a November Theme

I love engaging students to write using literature.
This packet focuses on four of my favorites.
Time to Sleep...Fleming
A Turkey for Thanksgiving...Bunting
The Night Before Thanksgiving...Pilkey
Duck for President...Cronin

The packet includes a Workbook for grammar and editing and a Journal for final writes.

Each story focuses on a skill.
This month is all about nouns.

Lesson Plans are included.
There are three differentiated graphic organizers for gathering thoughts to meet all levels of needs.

Next there are two levels of writing for the 1st draft.
Next students edit.

Finally the students prepare their final write.
These are kept in their journal.
Again there are differentiated styles of final writes to meet student needs.

I also included a cover for each story to create a class book.
Updated look at pages.


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