Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Student Dictionary...A to Z

I have tried word walls in the past but have not found them successful.  For many students looking from their paper to the wall is difficult. 
In the writing center I use word cards that can be pulled from the chart easily and spelled correctly on the student paper. This works well especially with thematic spelling.
My major struggle is with the “commonly misspelled” words.
I highlight words I want students to correct on their papers but they continue to have difficulty spotting them and then copying them to their paper. 
My other frustration is students on a constant basis saying, “How do you spell…?”.

So to solve this problems I went to a mini dictionary that can be easily tucked into their writing folder and pulled out during independent writing. 
I love it!
The most commonly read and spelled words are included in the dictionary and there is space for me to write when they need a new word. 
Hope you find this useful! 
The pages look like this.

The packet also has 8 ABC order practice pages.


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