Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Avoiding Summer "Brain Drain"!

Keeping kiddos engaged academically in the summer is a difficult task.
After working so hard during the school year to make progress it seems summer comes, academics are forgotten and by the time the new school year begins a great deal of time is needed to review past strategies and skills in order to move forward!
As a gift to my students and parents I presented them with a booklet on "AVOIDING SUMMER BRAIN DRAIN"!
There is a neutral cover for you in the packet. Pick some of your favorite pages and send this home with your class.

Each section has an explanation for parents as well as activities.
In many of the section a record sheet is included for students to record what they complete.

I absolutely love the reading section and the coupons perfect for parents to reward accomplishments.

The writing has a "BINGO" board for suggestions and stickers to put on the square as the project is completed.  There is a journal included in the packet with differentiated writing pages and graphic organizers to support students.

The math section is filled with games parents and their child can play.
Use one, two, or three dice to increase difficulty.

Pick and choose what you like best.


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