Saturday, April 29, 2017

First Day Hooray!

The is one of my favorite stories to read on the 1st day because not only is Ivy worried BUT all those involved from the bus driver to the teacher are worried about getting their jobs done so everyone can have a wonderful 1st day.

The packet includes a card for you to write a note to each student after the fist day and maybe even add a treat to it.  There are also 24 colored name tags with a variety of pictures.

The story leads in perfectly to a first day scavenger hunt.  Reviewing where all the rooms and people around the school are.  This scavenger hunt is included in the packet.
There is also a 1st day poster for displaying.

For each of the academic areas I have differentiated so the activities fit levels of students or grade.
Word work includes vocabulary for posting, a word search, ABC order and a more difficult noun search using the names of the helpers around the school.

The story elements include emotion cards for posting, story elements, a match the worry to the person and a definition page.

Math again has all levels.
A survey for all students, roll and score (numbers using 1,2, or 3 dice), odd or even (again use 1,2, or 3 dice to differentiate) and a simple roll and move game.

There are a number of activities for gathering ideas about the first day of school.  Sensory, Graphic Organizer, and more.

Finally the packet includes a cover for a class book and three levels pages for writing using the ideas they gathered in the activities above.


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