Sunday, April 16, 2017

School's Out for the Summer!!

As the radio plays "School's Out For Summer" your class can be busy creating wonderful memories about their classmates and school year.
This packet is perfect for the final day of school!

This book is delightful and helps to get the creative juices flowing.
I love these posters.
They can be done ahead of time and put on lockers or make a bulletin board.

This little memory book includes autographs and favorite memories from the school year.
Pick a few pages or all!

This poem about a summer bucket list is perfect for getting students to list what they want to do over the summer.  They can even prepare one for the teacher.  I always like to do one of my own and compare what they thought I'd like to do and what I hope to do.

After giving students a class list I have them fill in: Marvelous Mathematicians, Super Spellers, Wonderful Writers and more.
I follow that with data collection and then having them write about the data they collected.

Student read the Last Day Blues and then make their own list of what they will miss.  There are two organizers for gathering ideas.  They each then write and a class book is created.

There is a word search, a working with words, a summer dream page, and what my teacher will miss about this class.
So as you can see the ideas are endless yet keep students engaged in academics right to the end while having fun!
For rewards...there are wrist bands or you can print and attach them to a bag of goodies.
There are 20 "edible" awards.  The kiddos always LOVE these.


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