Monday, April 3, 2017

Blast Off...Reach for the Stars!

Your class will love the activities included in this packet as well as learn about space!

It begins by focusing on astronauts and students pretending to take a trip to space.
Following this they write about whether they would like to travel to space.
There is also a cute little craft for posting.

Notice I put a picture of each student on the head.

Word work includes ABC Order, Word Searches, and making words.
There are colorful vocabulary cards for posting as well.

The packet includes poems and activities to build vocabulary.
There is an astronaut and space shuttle for kiddos to decorate.

There is informational text on the shuttle, an astronaut, the sun, and the moon.
Each is followed by organizers for collecting information.

Here you see information on the sun.  Students look at the day and night sky.
And of course if you look at the sun for day, you might follow it with facts about the moon for night.

Books are suggested for accompanying the activities.

And then take a look at these two American Space Heroes!


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