Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back to School Book Companion...Dad's First Day!

At the beginning of every school year we often share how the kiddos feel on the first day of school but this story has a twist.
How did your parents feel on YOUR first day of school?
I always love listening to the student's responses and having them share why they think this is true.
Some are thrilled...Others are sad...
In this story Oliver's Dad is sad because they had a terrific summer together.

There are colorful vocabulary cards for posting.
Writing about how our parents might have felt.
Sharing how they felt and what they did on the first day.

One of my favorites is having the share and compare with Oliver what they did over summer vacation.

Then there are several comprehension activities...sequencing, sorting, story elements, and more.

Word work includes a word search, word match, ABC order and developing meaning...nervous.

The packet ends with some math games.
Use one, two, or three dice to add difficulty.


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