Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hello From Near and Far...Research other Countries Around the World.

It is so exciting to have finally  complete this packet.
It focuses on 7 different countries from 7 different continents from around the world.
I originally started it to compliment my packet on Winter Holiday Lights Around the World as it also focuses on these countries:
Israel, Africa, China, Norway, India, Mexico, and Australia.

Each country has informational text in the form of anchor charts and mini books.
The mini books focus more on the children of the area and their lifestyle.

There are graphic organizers for collecting information about the area as well as two activities for each country that focus on word work and writing.

The packet ends with activities to help the students research about various countries.
You can introduce the countries one by one or divide the class into groups, have them research, and then present so everyone can gain from the information shared!!


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