Saturday, April 1, 2017

Teaching Comprehension with Favorite May Literature

Teaching comprehension strategies will be more effective using this popular pieces of literature.
Waiting for Wings
Planting a Rainbow
Fancy Nancy's Mother Day Brunch
From Tadpole to Frog

Each story has comprehension strategies for posting, lesson ideas, and three activities to practice the three comprehension strategies for the story.
Waiting for Wings
KWL, Author's Purpose, Sequencing

Planting a Rainbow
Main Idea, Sequencing, Cause and Effect

Mother's Day Brunch
Inference, Summarize, Predict

Tadpole to Frog
Compare and Contrast, True/False, Definition (metamorphosis)

The final part focuses on making connections.  Any piece of literature can be used.
I love that each month the templates are similar.
As students become familiar with formate they are able to work independently.


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