Monday, May 1, 2017

Favorite David stories with author/illustrator David Shannon

You gotta love this character and I think your class will too as they might relate to some of the things David does.  I found it to be the ideal story to use when we are talking about the importance of class rules.

The students will LOVE making this David character (you can leave the teeth off) and writing about a class rule.

The activities in this packet are perfect to accompany these four David stories.
Your class will love reading about David Shannon.
Did you know he wrote and illustrated his first book at the age of 5?

The vocabulary cards are colorful and there is an ABC order page for the cards.

These are the activities for making connections to class rules to David and his class/home.

For comprehension there are activities that  lead students to think about the text.
I love that ... What would YOU say?  and "EXCUSES"!!
Your children will smile while completing each of these.

Finally there are activities to help the class look closely at David's personality and write about it.


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