Friday, May 12, 2017

September Calendar...Interactive Journal

Yes! I love calendar time.  There are so many opportunities for learning and bringing the group together.  Don't miss this daily opportunity.

Pick a meteorologist for each day.  They can lead the discussion and then YOU can ask leading questions.  If you have a SMART board load this up and display the journal each day.
Meteorologist:  date, important event?, weather, and temperature.  We use weather app to gather this information and then... we compare our weather to another area of the meteorologists choice.
Next move to the journal page.
This is YOUR opportunity to ask critical thinking questions.
What is the temperature today?  What was the temperature yesterday?  Is it warmer or colder?  How much?  
What is today's date?  How many more days until the ____?
Notice that each journal page has  activities that relate to the number of days of school.
They are valuable for reviewing math strategies and skills.

Finally the packet has numbers for a calendar or counting the number of days of school as well as vocabulary cards that fit with the month.


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