Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pirate Themed Day!

Ahoy Matey!!  What a great day we are going to have!!
I just love these themed days...maybe it's a Friday Fun Day, a class reward day, or one of those days just before vacation when giggles, jiggles and "help I can't pay attention" kick in!
This themed day helps keeps students engaged AND learning while having so much fun.

Visit the library and pick up some of these delightful pirate stories to read throughout the day.
Your students will LOVE them.

And check out these adorable pirate crafts.  
Perfect for a bulletin board or hallway.

No day is complete unless we learn the facts and this pack has a 10 page mini book about pirates as well as an informational page.

Your class can use these organizers to gather actual facts or use their imagination after reading about pirates.

And look at this word much fun.  Choose one or use them all!

Mathematics includes an addition and subtraction game.  Add differentiation by using 1,2,3 dice or increasing the number for subtraction.  Finally there is a data collection page.

Following all of these activities students should be ready to write.
Create a class book so all student entries can be read.
What a way to showcase student efforts!!

An to top it off there are colorful vocabulary cards with pictures, a snack idea and a pattern for a pirate hat!

And check  Pinterest for other fun filled ideas!


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