Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Brave Year of Firsts...Book Companion...Craft and Activities

This adorable story by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell will bring a smile to your face and your class will LOVE listening as they relate to similar experiences they have had.  It is perfect for encouraging text/self recognition as well as engaging students in topics for writing.

Look at these cuties.  Vary the hair color or students can create their own hair fashion.

After reading the story you can focus on two themes:
First Day of School
A First...
For example one of the firsts in the story is the first day of first grade.
Another is riding her bike for the first time.

The class will have fun recalling what were her firsts as well as what she saw, heard, smelled etc.
In one activity they compare firsts.

Comprehension, Sequencing their own first experience, Lessons learned

There is a poster for My First Day or My Firsts.
Some firsts make us sad, laugh, scared...can your class identify those feelings.

Finally there is word work!
Antonyms, Nouns and Verbs, Word Scramble


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