Friday, May 19, 2017

Let's Write...September...ELA CCSS

I love this writing bundle.  Each month the packet is filled with writing practice and experiences to enhance your classroom writing curriculum.  If you are looking to create a program that is "WRITE ON" this year this bundle is for you!

Each month the packet will include a cover for a student workbook and a cover for a student journal.
I like to keep the two separate so the class can have a place to gather ideas, write, and edit as well as a place where they can place their "showpiece" writing effort for all to see.

I love teaching grammar as I teach writing so the class can actually experience using the skill in real life.  This lesson focuses on punctuation so as the students are writing they will be paying close attention to the punctuation they are using and if it is accurate.

Each month there will be 4 lessons complete with a literature suggestion and lesson plans on suggestions for working with your class.  
Here are the four topics and literature suggestions for September.
Summer Vacation
Back to School
Johnny Appleseed

After practicing the grammar and reading the suggested literature students will use one of the differentiated graphic organizers to gather their ideas for writing.  I love reading the literature first because it gets the "creative juices" flowing.  For your lowest writers even pictures are appropriate.

Next the class will complete what we call a FIRST DRAFT using the ideas they collected.  With my lowest writers we usually work in a small group and use the organizer they collected their ideas on.  The remaining writers move to these.  
For editing I like to have students reread and look for mistakes.  Most cannot do this initially especially if they came from a class that wrote and never made corrections.
RARELY does my class write and NOT make corrections.  I like them to begin to visualize accurate writing.  Most often I like to take time to edit with the student.

Now for the final draft.  Many, many students find it difficult to rewrite their corrected writing piece.  With practice they will become experts.
At the end of September they will have a collection of four writing pieces.
You can save these or send them home.  
I like to copy one piece each month and save it so the students can see the progress they made.
There is also a class book cover to make put a copy of each students writing.
Children love reading each others stories.


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