Thursday, May 11, 2017

Leo Lionni Author Study and More!!

Your class will love exploring this extraordinary author illustrator and his stories!
What fun for an author study or helping to teach reading for meaning.

There are 3 forms of information for students to learn about Lionni.
A single page article, a read for detail, and a 10 page mini book.

Following reading about Lionni the students can gather information and then complete a true/false or a fact/opinion to recall and assess.

As you get into his stories the class will love taking a closer look at some of their favorite characters.
There are graphic organizers as well as a selection of three class book covers and differentiated writing pages.

These can be followed by a data collection page, an illustration and the lesson each character helped the class to learn.

The next section of the packet gets into the individual stories.  Each story has a craft, 2 or 3 comprehension activities, vocabulary and a math game.

Not shown here is also a sponge painting activity for Swimmy.

My favorite for Swimmy is the goldfish sort page.  What fun the class will have counting and snacking.

I think one of my favorites is Cornelius.
Not shown here but in the packet is an "egg" traordinary activity using plastic eggs and information from each student.  It is a great "feel good" activity.

We all know A Color of Its Own.  What color would you choose to be?

Frederick brings us seasons and roles we each play.

Ending with Inch By Inch thick also includes a snack of gummy worms...for measuring if you want!!


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