Thursday, May 4, 2017

Officer Buckle and Friends...Rules and Safety

What fun your class will have working to develop an understanding of rules and safety with Officer Buckle and a few of his friends...The Recess Queen, Gloria, Mrs. Ruler.

The crafts are so cute and can be attached to writing as shown in the packet.

There is a My Book of School Rules where the class writes a rule for the classroom, hallway, playground, lunchroom, and bus.  That is followed by two activities about making good choices and illustrating a class rule.

Officer Buckle and Gloria provide opportunities for a character analysis, completing a rule on a star, opinion and predicting as well as a board game about safety.

I love Mean Jean and the lessons she teaches us.  There is a recess poster, a sorting page, and writing about being a recess friend.

One of my favorites is What If Everybody Did That?
What if everybody...
threw trash on the ground
talked at once
ran out to recess
Can you even imagine?  One good reason for rules!

And finally Mrs. Rules teaches about kindness.
This is a topic everyone can use a little reminder about.

Vocabulary...and classroom rule signs for posting.
Colorful and with pictures.


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