Thursday, May 25, 2017

Just in time for Father's Day...How to Surprise a Dad!

Just in time for Father's Day is this packet to accompany this delightful story...How to Surprise a Dad!

Students can collect their own ideas FIRST before reading the story to see how they would surprise their dad.

After reading the story their are three comprehension activities for focus on:
Cause and Effect
Story Connections
Story Recall

Writing includes:
and Narrative

These are followed by a class book cover and three differentiated final writing pages.

Vocabulary is plentiful with vocabulary cards for posting.
I love these for the literacy center and the Role and Read focuses on means for suspicious, innocent, distract...three BIG words in the story.

I have also include two math games...doubles, subtraction to 12 AND an If I were... for posting.


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