Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Goldilocks and the Three Bears with a Back to School Theme

It is going to be a "beary" good year!
This is a "beary" good group!
I am "beary" glad you are in my class.

Love the bear for posting as well as papa and mama bear puppets and a bear headband.
They can wear the headband as a name tag.

There are 18 vocabulary cards for posting and retelling the story as well as word work activities.

I like to have this on their desk the first day.
While we are getting organized I have them color the bear and print their name.
What a great way to assess fine motor skills.
It is also fun to have a cele"bear"ty day!
Students bring in their favorite stuffed bears and tell about them.
Great for communication skills.
We end the day with a "bear" biscuit and honey.

Great activities for small groups or partner work.

The kiddos will have fun retelling the story with this 10 page mini book.
I includes vocabulary for writing and spelling.

There are four book suggestions.  Here are two of them with activities that accompany them.
My favorite is Goldie!!


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