Monday, May 22, 2017

Pajama Day...It's a Party!

Whether it is a class reward day, Fun Friday, or before vacation day your class will LOVE having a Pajama Party.  

The packet has two cuties in their slippers for posting as well as a note to parents telling them about the day.

Work work includes 12 colorful vocabulary cards for posting.
Rhyme, syllables, Let's Make Words, Word Search, Parts of Speech
Perfect for literacy center choice.

There are three types of writing presented.
Narrative...tell about the pajama party.

How to...How I get ready for bed.

Opinion...sleepovers are fun, staying up late is fun.
Each style includes graphic organizers for collecting thoughts and a class cover with differentiated writing pages for showcasing student writing.
I think my favorite part is the suggested literature.  These stories are so darn cute and fun to read.
The comprehension activities's purpose, predicting, summarizing, problem identification, making a list and more!

I included three games to play with partners or small groups while snacking on popcorn or cereal.
One is Would you rather?
Two is Which do you like best?
And three is a classmate bingo...find a classmate who...

Finally there are math games and a data collection page.
Addition and Subtraction to 12 and 24.

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Each part of the day is covered!

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  1. There is so much when we are kids and then suddenly the options get minimized. I still miss my pyjama parties a lot. I think create something like that at my niece’s birthday party which is next month in one of the rental spaces for parties. I can just keep a theme like that.