Sunday, May 7, 2017

Froggy Goes to School

I just love Froggy and this packet is one of my favorites for Back to School.
It has a "FROG" "FROGGY" theme.

These two crafts are adorable for your classroom.
I like the kiddos to make Froggy and then I hang them in the classroom.
The second Frog only I make and put it on the bulletin board to welcome 
 the class back.
I put these signs in plastic sign holders to place around the classroom.
You can find them at Office Max or even Target in the photo section.

Since we are talking frogs here what fun to read...Froggy Goes to School.
In these activities students talk about feelings on the first day, story sequence, class rules, and Froggy's Dream.

Other activities focus on "how we get to school", a poster of My Classroom, a writing activity about senses on the first day and an adorable mini book for kiddos to write and draw about their first day.

My favorite is this scavenger hunt.  Read the letter from Froggy and then "hop" around the school finding different locations the class will be visiting this year. (library, gym, lunch room, office and more)

for those who want them there are station signs for word work, writing, listening, reading to self, reading with a partner, mathematics.


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