Saturday, January 23, 2016

Celebrating 120 Days of School

With the new standards many are moving from100 Day Celebration to 120 Day Celebrations and some may be doing both.  Given a suggestion from a follower here is a packet filled with activities for 120 Days.  I did differ it from the 100 Day packet.  There are lesson suggestions included in the packet.

The packet has vocabulary for posting.  Great for reviewing those key number words and fit with the packet theme.
A certificate both in color and in black and white depending on your ink availability.

This is a note I hang on the door 10 days before to get the class excited and thinking about this special day!

 A note is prepared for parents letting them know what they will be responsible for.   The note is followed with reminders to send closer to the due date. 

This is a crown for kiddos to color and wear on the special day.
A note is available about the snack and this is the activity that accompanies it.

The kiddos love this.  Who knew 120 seconds could go so fast.  There is a page for front to back copying for the kiddos to write on.

This page is versatile.  I have them use markers of different colors.  You can also use q tips and paint. The larger on is perfect for bingo markers or dot stickers.

 Students can draw pictures of their shirt or I like to take a picture and place it in this spot for the children to take home of them in their shirt and crown.

 There is a booklet with 8 pages of memories form 120 days of school.

It is fun for the class to use their imagination and write.
 Fun with money equalling 120 cents.

 Then fun with the number grid.  
Writing Numbers

 And ending the day with thoughts about 120.  The word work is a great final activity.  Form teams.  Can your class come up with 120 words?

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