Friday, January 8, 2016

February Picks!!

If you like to plan ahead read on and see what I have ready and updated for February.
Let's begin by taking a look at the calendar.
February is Dental Health Month and also celebrates:  Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, Washington/Lincoln's Birthdays, Groundhog's Day and somewhere in there we fit the 100th Day of School.
And it is LEAP YEAR!!
Today instead of placing it all on one site I am going to have you do some Blog Hopping through my pages where I have taken the time to go into detail about each packet.
Also check at the end of each one because there is always a great FREEBIE!!

Read about it here.

This packet is more of an overall Valentine Theme.

These are really popular right now.  There is one to go with each special day in February.
For $1 Print/Fold/Read
This site also has the link to the Word Searches.
The comprehension packet is my own personal favorite!!
 Read about the poetry here.
 Find the calendar journal here.

 I'm ready!  Are you??
By finding items early you can have all you activities, centers, and crafts prepared ahead of time.


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