Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Reading for Detail...Informational Text and Literature

This year I have been working long and hard to help the students find “key details” in text. I feel all too often children read but they are unable to use the text they just read to go back reread and find answers. Thus the creation of this packet.

Due to the fact that the text on these pages is not leveled I use these strategies:
We begin by reading the text as a whole group and then answering the questions together by going back and highlighting the text where the answer is given.
I pair a strong reader with a lower level reader and have them complete the activity.
I allow my strong readers to complete them independently while I work with the lower level readers in a group.
I have the students in small groups assigning one as the reader and then they all work together to complete the activities.

There is one rule they all must follow!  
They must highlight the text as well as writing the answers. 
I also encourage the use of complete sentences if possible.
For emergent writers I encourage them to use words and pictures.

The text is informational as well as literature so students are able 
to practice all Common Core Standards found in the Reading
Literature/Informational Text. These are provided for you.

With these practice activities students will not only improve reading
skills but enhance comprehension and find value in the text they
are reading.  
For informational text topics cover ever major event throughout the year.
Literature topics cover sports, pets, family events, and friends.
There is even a section on poetry and reading for detail in the poems.
I know you will find this of value.

Let's take a look at the pages included:

Notice as you look through the samples...there is informational, literature, and poetry.
I vary the organization so the students do not get bored.
Because they cover all the major events in a school year they are easy to include in your curriculum!!

If you already purchased this you MUST download it again.  You will love the updates.  

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