Friday, January 8, 2016

Literacy Centers...Activities and Games!

One of my goals for the 2016 was to develop activities that would support Learning Centers in the classroom.  I wanted to do two things:
I wanted to provide games for review and practice and then provide activity sheets for those students needing further review.
By including record sheets with my games they are a great tool for assessing student understanding.
The packet begins with the three main parts of speech:  Nouns Verbs Adjectives
Each area has a colorful Anchor Chart for posting and then three activities to accompany it.
Hunt and Find...Color
Hunt and Find...Cut and Past
Hunt and Find...Tally
Notice that following each activity students are encourage to make a list.
The samples here are from the verb.

Next the packet includes a Cut, Paste and Sort for:
Noun, Verb, Adjective
Person, Place and Thing
Since both are a similar style I am only posting one.
Next are Color and Match Activities for:
Again since style is the same I only posted one.
Next I embedded writing into the parts of speech.
They focus on including Nouns/Verbs/Adjectives.
1. Uses suggested vocabulary
2. Focuses on sense during a safari
3. More for informational writing
Following the writing we move into punctuation.
There are three practice sheets.
Roll Read Check
Cut and Paste

Synonyms/Antonyms/Homophones all contain similar activities.
Again there are Anchor Charts for posting.
That is followed by a match game and a vocabulary color page.
The Match Game includes two pages of vocabulary cards.

ABC Order includes a writing activity and a cut and paste.
For Making Words I focus on the vowel pairs:  oo  ee  ai  oa
Love how the students have to make actual words with the letters and then write them.
I have them paste their favorite word at the end on the mat.
There are two Contraction Graphs focusing on NOT and HAVE along with written practice sheets.

And the practice activities end with Rhyme but they include syllables and definitions so really taking a look at the word in depth.  (map/hat)

Finally the packet ends with games that focus on:
2 Games for Parts of Speech
Each game includes a Color as well as Black and White board for copies.
The color can be laminated or placed in a plastic sleeve for the center and the BW can be sent home for further practice.
Each game includes a record keeping sheet to use for assessment.

Hope this is something you will enjoy!!


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