Sunday, January 24, 2016

Journeys Revised

Last year I created packets for each Journeys lesson and then bundled them.  After a follower wrote and shared corrections on one of the packets I decided it was time for CONSTRUCTION!  I decided to start at Lesson 16 as that is about where everyone should be.  ABOUT!! My goal is to update one a night so that I can get through the year and those who have purchased can enjoy them.  So...
A new font and format for the focus chart so that it is easier to read.

New fonts on posters and vocabulary cards.  Easier to read.
Pre lesson question to fit with Essential Question.

Created comprehension sheets that were easier to follow and read.

Added to and underlined key words in informational text.

Took printing lines off pages of spelling for more room to write.

Added practice for High Frequency.

Added more practice to the "words with meaning" vocabulary.

Brightened these up!!

Made these easier to follow and work with.

Book covers color and black and white.

Ended with some fun!!


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