Sunday, January 24, 2016


The sample shown here is Unit 4 Lesson 16.
All other Lessons follow a similar theme.

There is a home/school connection page listing all vocabulary and skills presented in the lesson.
The ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS is created as an anchor chart.
There is a pre reading activity for assessing prior knowledge.

Each of the SPELLING, HIGH FREQUENCY, AND I KNOW THE MEANING vocabulary are listed as an anchor and on vocabulary cards for posting.

Each of the skills presented in the lesson are posted on anchor charts for you to place for viewing.

Lesson ideas and suggestions are provided.
Each topic presented in the lesson has practice for READING FOR DETAIL.

There is a mini book for more reading practice.  It is ideal for guided reading, partner reading or small group.  It is flowed by comprehension activities.

There are a number of practice activities for spelling.
Enough to fill an entire week.
There is a list to send home to parents.
There is also a pre test and final text not shown.

High frequency also have practice ideas and vocabulary cards for coloring.

Similar activities and practice for I know the meaning.

Each of the phonics, grammar, and vocabulary also have several practice pages.
The skills are those presented in the lesson.

Finally the writing skills focus on those presented in the lesson.
Not shown here are the final writing pages.

Each lesson also has extended activities for practice and exploration.


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