Thursday, January 28, 2016

Construction Complete!

I have been putting off updating my Journeys Units for some time now.
A Buyer wrote me a personal note with her disappointment in one of the Units.
I am committed to doing a Lesson each day until they are all Updated, Revised, and Improved!!
If you have purchased any or all keep your eyes open on MY PURCHASES as you can download the new versions.  YIPEE!!

Okay so Unit Four is now complete.
Check out my blog entry with all of the items in this packet.
All the Lessons in Unit Four will be similar.  Each Unit has its own twist!!

So after doing that I decided the Word Assessments needed updating too AND BEST OF ALL I GOT CREATIVE AND ADDED PROOFREADING!!
I think you will like these even if you do not use Journeys.  Best of all...THEY ARE FREE!
There is a large Proofreading poster for posting.
There are mini cards for each student.

 Each lesson then includes a mini book for practicing proofreading.

I use these two sheets for assessment.
For the High Frequency Words I have the kiddos read the words to me.
Those they need to practice get highlighted.

 Then all High Frequency words for the Unit and Spelling words for the Unit are on cards.
Students can color them.  Use them for flash cards. Put them on a ring for daily practice.
YEP it is FREE!!


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