Saturday, January 2, 2016

Math Games Galore!!

Students love playing math games with a partner.
Math games are the perfect tool for review and practice.
While playing students communicate and often talk math strategies.

These games can be copied on tagboard and laminated or place inside plastic page covers.
I like to just run them on paper so each student can have one to take home.
You could also place the laminated one in the center and run others for students to take home.

The only materials needed for these are:
Dice (numbers or dots)
Markers to place on game boards.
Linking cubes for BUMP
Pencil and Paper clip for the Spin Game

Each game is done in black and white or color for your choice.
The laminated ones you might want to do in color and the bw run for students to take home.

Each game is also accompanied by a record keeping sheet.
I like to collect these so I can see if the student is on the right track.

I also prepared games of different levels to allow for differentiation.
I suggest putting a number grid as provided in the center for those students that made need help.
I also included two dice templates if you need them.

The first game is addition...
Roll and Count
Roll 2 dice and add
Roll 1 die and double

Next we have more addition with Bingo
Five in a row wins.
Roll and cover
Roll and add
Roll and double

Bump with Addition
Roll and Cover
Roll and Add
Roll and double

Spin and Win
Spin and Move
Spin and Double
Spin, Spin Again, Add

Partner games...
Roll ...  What need to add to make 10.
Roll 2 dice... What need to add to make 20.

The next game works on number words and Odd Even

Next is subtraction...
Roll 2 cover the difference
Roll, Roll again and subtract the difference.

Subtraction Problems
Create a problem to match the number.

Subtraction BUMP

The more your students play their facts strategies and accuracy will improve.



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