Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Night Before St. Patrick's Day and The Old Lady who Swallowed a Clover!

Two absolutely adorable stories to highlight this traditional March event...

Here are two all inclusive packets to share with your class.

I just love this craft and it is perfect for a page topper for student writing or an adorable bulletin board.  Simple to make for all ages.  
                                      There is also colorful vocabulary for posting in your room or writing center.  Laminated they make a great tool in a literacy center for ABC order.  

 Let's look at some samples from the packet.
For comprehension we have
Sequencing.  Read, Cut, Paste...
We also include Story Elements.
There is a connect Text to Self and a Cause and Effect.

 For vocabulary and the word work center we have a Vocabulary Match and Syllables.
There is also a Word Search.
 Writing includes Making a List, and writing a Paragraph.

 There are three math games that focus on Addition, Doubles, and Odd/Even.  Perfect for your math center.

And here are just a few favorites from the Lady Swallowed a Clover.

And take a peek at these cute ideas from Hands On.


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