Wednesday, January 13, 2016

St Patrick's Day Literacy Pack

This is filled with Literacy Activities and perfect for your Literacy Centers.
Let's take a peek.
It begins with two delightful crafts for decorating your room and displaying student writing.
The one is a letter to the Leprechaun and it has a pre write to help your kiddos get started.

 Next we move to Word Work.  The vocabulary cards are perfect for posting in your writing center or in you word work center.  I laminate them and then they can be used for ABC order.  Colorful and easy to see.  These are just two samples of the word work in the packet there is also syllables, and a word search.

Yes, there are activities for Writing.  Here are just a few of the samples.   Notice your choice of a printing line or not.  

I love that informational text   Perfect for reading and rereading for details.  Each student has their own booklet followed by a T/F.  I always have the students highlight the text that proves their answer.

Then following reading they can write about details in the text they just read.

And it includes a Reader's Theater.


Using favorite texts from familiar authors comprehension activities are provided.

And check out this wonderful treat for your students.  


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