Wednesday, January 17, 2018

100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days!

This packet may not have exactly 100 activities BUT it most definitely will bring 100 SMILES to your students faces!!

I has colorful vocabulary for posting as well as a reward certificate to put a "SMARTIE" on.

There are so many activities to accompany it.
Countdown to 100 day to post for student viewing and building enthusiasm.
100 Day Glasses that can be run on colored heavy paper or white paper for students to color.
The 100 Day headband comes in both black and white as well as color.
The same is true of the 100 to place on a stick for holding.
There is a student craft for creating and ideas for an estimation station.

Here are some of the items that accompany the above.

There is parent communication as students are encouraged to bring 100 day shirts for a parade and items for a hundred day snack.
Students and parents are always so creative.
Stickers, thumb prints, eyeballs, candy and so many items are perfect.
They can be glued, sewn, pinned, or stuck to the shirt!

There is an interactive mini book and 2 poems with activities to follow.
All encourage reading, comprehension and writing.

One writing activity has students imagining what they will be like when they are 100.
This is always so much fun and encourages those creative thinkers.

There are 6 literature suggestions...4 of them shown here.
Each story comes with 2 activity follow ups.

There are several math games as well as an opportunity for students to spend 100 cents on both toys or school supplies.
This is also fun by bringing in a toy add or sporting good ad and have students spend $100.
Scholastic book orders work perfect.

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