Monday, January 15, 2018

American Symbols

These famous symbols stand for America...the land that we LOVE!
 Liberty Bell   Statue of Liberty   Bald Eagle   Lincoln Memorial   Washington Monument   
American Flag    White House   Mount Rushmore

Crafts for bulletin boards or posting...Liberty Bell, Eagle.
Maybe white tail feathers for the eagle.

Colorful vocabulary for posting or putting in a center for ABC order, syllables.
Activities for centers, small groups, or whole group.
Syllables, Word Search, Making Words
I love putting students in small groups and challenge them to make as many words as they can together with the making words.

These three activities are used following the introduction of all the symbols.
Students pick their favorite symbol and report on it.

For a creative project have students create their own family symbol.
There is a page for the creation to be drawn or pasted not shown here.

Each of the 8 symbols has a fact sheet that can be made into a mini booklet.

There is also a mini lesson for each symbol.
Anchor chart with facts, activity sheet with facts and a creative activity.
Statue of Liberty...Create a modern statue
Liberty Bell... How many student make up the weight
Lincoln Memorial...Penny Rub
Washington Monument...70 seconds Time
White House...Favorite room 
Mount Rushmore...What president add
Flag...Pledge and Flag Facts
Bald Eagle...Choose new bird (Opinion)

There are class book covers and differentiated writing pages for the Family Symbol and Favorite American Symbol.


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