Monday, January 8, 2018

Groundhog Day is on the way!!

Each February I love preparing activities to celebrate Groundhog Day!
There are so many wonderful concepts to stress during this mini unit.
Prediction, Opinion Writing, Collecting Data, Reading Informational Text, Reporting
and oh so much more!!

Check out these adorable writing toppers.
I pick the one with about you?

There is colorful vocabulary for posting or putting in a center for ABC order.
Students can work with syllables, parts of speech, making words, and there is a word search.
During this wonderful unit here is a Reader's Theater for your class!
There are marker cards for the characters.

Two days before the special day have your class make predictions and then create a graph.
All materials are available for you in the packet as well as a page to teach about the definition of predict.

There is an adorable poem for students to read and then follow the reading with comprehension activities.  Those are followed by a sequencing activity.

Here are wonderful graphic organizers for those who want the groundhog to see the shadow and those who do not want the groundhog to see his shadow.

These are three of my favorite for encouraging creativity.
What is the groundhog thinking?
What would it be like to be a groundhog?

There are three key pieces of informational text.
Students can highlight key text and facts.

There are three graphic organizers for recording these key facts and then reporting on them after.

There are activities planned for kiddos to read literature and then complete comprehension activities.
The stories are delightful.
My favorite are Go To Sleep Groundhog!!

I have even included math games and a data collection activity for your math center.


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