Sunday, January 14, 2018

Let's Learn About the Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games begin on February 9th.
This packet was designed to engage your students in crafts, word work, writing, research and games while this exciting event is taking place.
I includes activities for both winter and summer events.

The winter crafts include ice skates and medals to make.

There is colorful vocabulary on both summer and winter game activities and key words.
They can be used for posting or in a center to sort according to ABC Order or Syllables.

Informational text is plentiful and included in three forms to meet all reading levels.

Following the informational text are graphic organizers for recalling key facts.
These are followed by differentiated writing pages for final writes and a class book cover.
(not shown)

There are activities for word work for centers, small groups or whole group.
ABC Order, Making Words, Word Search, Definitions, Syllables

These include activities for sorting, compare and contrasting and creating a book.
Those you see for winter are also included for summer.
For the book...paste the pictures and on the back write a sentence.
The ideal flip book.

There are math activities as well.
Two math dice for addition using one to or three dice and subtraction to 12 or 20.
Data collection is another activity your class will enjoy for summer and winter events.
There are two reading for detail pages as well.

This book is ideal for including literature in the lesson.
There are three activities that follow Tacky and the Winter Games.

This book is filled with beautiful pictures and information.
For younger children read a page or two at a time.

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  1. I am having trouble finding this packet - I had downloaded it from you in 2014 but can't find this 2018 version anywhere. Even in my TPT downloads.