Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kindergarten NGSS

I have had several requests after preparing my NGSS for 1st grade to prepare a NGSS Kindergarten set.  To date I have two ready to post.  The first is weather and meets the standards K-ESS3-2, K-ESS2-1, K-ESS2-2, KPS3-1, K-PS3-2.
The packet begins with colorful vocabulary with pictures and activities to practice reading and understanding these key words.  They are perfect for the literacy center.
The key concepts are written for posting or for you to keep close at hand.
There is a cover for those of you who would like to put the pages in a booklet for each child.
There is a letter for parents for that Home/School Connection.  
There is an anchor chart for students with key facts.

Weather is a combination of sun, wind, rain, snow and temperature.
Each key concept has an anchor chart for posting and a complete mini lesson for you.
For the students there is and IMAGINE THAT and then a THINK ABOUT IT for allowing students to think about the key concept.
These are often followed by and activity page for review or assessment.
People measure weather conditions to describe and record the weather and notice patterns 
The cards allow students to make choices and then gather in their groups to discuss the choice they made.
Pictured are some of the activities for forecasting.
They are perfect for answering questions and making comparisons.
Here you see daily forecast ideas as well as a page that accompanies the first concept.

Some weather is very dangerous and can cause damage to homes, schools, stores and even people.
There is a description page on 4 severe storms.

 The sun warms the Earth’s surface.
Find it here.
The force an motion covers the standards K-PS2-1, K-PS2-2.
This packet is filled with suggested experiments simple for you to set up and easy for the students to participate in.
The pattern is similar to the Weather packet.
A key concept is introduce.
An IMAGINE THIS is presented and students THINK ABOUT IT.
Following that a complete lesson is prepared for you.

Key concepts are listed, a cover for pages if you want, a parent letter, and a page with key concepts on Force and Motion.


In the next two weeks I will finish the others to complete the bundle for the complete year.


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