Thursday, January 11, 2018

Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day is ideal for your class to discover interesting facts about Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and then a president they will research about.

The packet includes vocabulary cards for posting as well as word work for both Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and presidents.

There is informational text in the form of an anchor chart and a mini book.  There are also two cute crafts for topping student writing with.  Activities are the same for Abe, George and Presidents.

There is also information on Donald Trump.

I love the compare and contrast activities for George and Abe.

Graphic Organizers are plentiful for recording key facts.

Poetry is also available on Washington and Lincoln.
Activities follow for recall and using text to gather information.

There are two games. One for the quarter and the other with a penny.

Then your class will have so much fun reading My Teacher for President.
They will complete activities making decisions.

Finally there are pages to promote and support each child supporting research.


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