Sunday, January 7, 2018

Bear's Shadow...A Literary Companion FREEBIE!

Every February, a furry little fellow, pops out of his hole and we wait to see...

This story Bear Shadow by Frank Asch is perfect for using literary text to learn about SHADOWS.

Each of these comprehension activities has students recall things that happened in the story that will relate to their experimenting with SHADOWS. (Sequencing, Cause/Effect, Recall)

There is a fact sheet about shadows for students to read and then relate the facts to the literary text.
Next students will explore using the sun to create and experiment with shadows.
There are two experiments and a reflection page.

The second uses a flashlight as a source and includes two different experiments as well as a reflection sheet.  These are simple and can be completed independently, with partners, or small groups.
Don't have flashlights...have students volunteer to bring them in!!


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