Friday, January 5, 2018

A Valentine Bundle of Activities!

I LOVE this BUNDLE of activities.  It is ideal for the month of February.
It includes reading, writing, word work, and math games. 

Check out these cute kiddos for posting!

It includes 2 simple crafts and 18 vocabulary cards for posting.

Word work includes:
Making words, word search, parts of speech, syllables, rhyme, definition
There are also spin and write as well as spin and color.
Students may want to use this "helpful hints" as they complete the activities.

The data activities are perfect.
Students can record data about their box or bag of hearts.
They will fill in a graph sharing their data results.
With partners they will compare data and answer questions as they finish.

There are also 6 different math games with record keeping charts for each one.
Skills include:
making 10, doubles, addition to 12, addition to 24, subtraction from 12, odd /even

I love the informational text about Valentine's Day.
There is a one page information sheet and a mini book.

These are followed by reading for detail (assessment) and two open ended pages for recording facts from the text.

Writing includes:
Things I love, opinion, how to, sensory, informational

Comprehension activities are included for some of your favorite Valentine stories.
Three of them are shown here.


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