Wednesday, January 17, 2018

120 Days of School...Cool!

With the new standards many of us are looking at celebrating 120 Days of School instead of 100.
And others may choose to celebrate both.
This packet is filled with suggestions and activities to help your 120th day to be perfect with 120 SMILES from all!

There is vocabulary for posting and a countdown to the 120th day.
There is also a reward certificate in color or black and white.
I usually stick a little treat to it like "Smarties".

Parent communication includes a letter explaining the special day of celebration and what you need their support with.  It also includes reminder slips for the shirt and for the snack item.
There is a Counting Mat to include for counting snack items.

There are gum ball machines for counting.  I love using Qtips and colorful paint for making 120 gum balls.  
There is a writing activity about the snack and an "I can...___ in 120 seconds" challenge.

Headbands come in black and white and color.
There are glasses for students to decorate and wear as well as the number 120 to decorated and put on a stick. I hang ribbons on it for the celebration.

Activities are provided to write about their shirts and about the celebration.
Thinking about the number 120 and what they would like or not like as well as a graphic organizer.
Writing pages are included but not shown here.
 There is also an explanation on making number puzzles for students using number grids on color paper to 120.  They will LOVE these.

An interactive mini book is included and a creative thinking page on what they imagine they will be like at 120 years old.


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