Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Froggy's First Kiss Craft and Activities

Your class loves FROGGY and this Valentine story will delight them while providing crafts and classroom activities.  How can you resist that smile?

Here is a picture of one of the crafts as well as 6 of the colorful vocabulary words for posting!

These are three of the graphic organizers for writing.
Summarizing, sensory, open, and not shown is/has/can

Let's work on comprehension with these...inferences, predictions, sequencing and not shown cause/effect.

For fun your class can write or draw about three things they love, make connections to the Valentine preparations in the story and their preparations, and finally using the text to define words.

There is a data collection activity and two math games each with two levels of directions.
(addition and subtraction 10 and 20)

For your Word Work Center check out making words, parts of speech, syllables and a word search.


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