Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Class Day at Camp!

I love to do a camp themed day every fall of the year.
We move the desks back, bring in a sleeping bag and flashlight, build a "pretend" fire and spend the day completing "camp curriculum" together.

I love making s'mores with the class.  If you have a microwave in your classroom it is simple and then I send a packet home as a treat.
There is also a letter for parents describing the day.

There is a mini book with text about camping and colorful vocabulary for posting.

Word work is plentiful...word search, making words (put together challenge teams),  parts of speech. and ABC order.

I love the variety of writing.  There is an idea gathering page, writing for sequence, senses, and then writing a scary story.  We read our scary stories around the campfire after.

Even math is included.  There are two data collection pages and two partner games.

For a little extra there is a cut and paste flap book and a asking or telling page.

Don't Forget the YOUTube 


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