Sunday, September 11, 2016

Autumn...Craft and Activities

I love the little rake craft.  They are perfect for hanging or for posting on a bulletin board.
There are also suggested read aloud.  Each has an activity or two to accompany it.
There are 12 vocabulary cards for posting.  Perfect for the writing center or for posting.

 The key topic is autumn but later you will see there is also information on the life cycle of the apple tree and why leaves change color. Here you see informational text on autumn, an assessment page, and a graphic organizer for collecting details from the text.
 Word work includes definitions, word searches, abc order, rhyme and singular plural.
 The comprehension to go with the text include story elements, sensory, sequencing, predicting and more.
 There is a cover for a class book after students have prepared writing.  I love posting class writing because the kiddos love reading what their peers wrote.
 Poetry has also been included.  Simple for memorization and easy to gather details from the text.


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