Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Halloween...Spooktacular Activites!!

I absolutely LOVE this SPOOKtacular Packet!
It is filled with so many great activities to enhance curriculum and provide enjoyment with a Halloween theme.
Because of the layout these are PERFECT for centers if you wish.
The firs is In The Dark Of the Night.
It begins with a mini book for each student.
They can color, read, highlight words that stump them and read with friends.
The text has a pattern so after the first time through most students can read it independently.
In the dark of the night I saw a skeleton rattling.
So yes...the idea gathering is using the text to recall details.  The parts of speech are nouns and verbs. There is a sense page...I saw, I heard, I felt.
And then a page for illustration.
Not shown here is a class book cover...What we saw in the dark of the night and two leveled writing projects.

The second is I'm Not Afraid of Anything.
It has a similar pattern to the first slide BUT this time the focus is on nouns and adjectives.
I'm not afraid of a black bat.
Again students recall using the text, work with parts of speech and the sense looks, it sounds, it is.
This also has a class book cover and leveled writing activities.

Next is a Haunted House Adventure.
This focuses on number words.
There is vocabulary building using text and a numbering page.
The sense page is I saw, I heard, I touched.
It also has a class book so students can each prepare a page of what they saw in the haunted house.

And all the kiddos will love this little rhyme.
What will you be for Halloween?
I love the data collection page, the making words page, and there is some work with spooky opposites.

There are several books for suggested read aloud and then activity pages to accompany them.

Colorful vocabulary is all set for posting and there is a template for students to decorate them in their trick or treat costume.
Easily this packet will take you through the month of October.

And try one of these simple treats to end the packet.


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