Thursday, September 8, 2016

Constitution Day...Friday, September 16th

id you know that most every school is now responsible for preparing information for its students about the Constitution? Yep, it's a fact!! No need to fear with this lively packet you will be well prepared!
It focuses on the constitution as well as the Bill of Rights.

Two book suggestions:

A great site for kids:

This year schools will honor Constitution Day on Friday, September 16th.
 Your class will enjoy writing their own school constitution.
Challenge each classroom to do it and share the results.
 Most primary students are not aware of what our constitution is about.
This packet contains three different resources filled with informational text.
 There is a true/false assessment as well as graphic organizers for recording key details.
 An important part of the constitution is our Bill of Rights.
This packet includes information and an activity for students about what these rights are.
 Complete the informational day with a class book by having students write about a freedom they feel is most important.
And no better way to build understanding than to build vocabulary.
The vocabulary cards for posting are also helpful for writing.


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