Saturday, September 17, 2016

Communities and their helpers.

I especially like this because it combines the communities we work in and the people who make them work!
A wonderful packet to support educating your class about communities and their neighborhoods as well as the key people who work there.
Before they begin...

The first game is perfect for traveling around the community and what they will see.  Partners will enjoy playing with each other.  There is also a color copy included not shown here.
Next you see roll and tally.  Vehicles and who uses them.
Finally a tremendous bingo activity to support the names of occupations.

Urban, rural
Community, neighborhood
Good, service
Do your students know the difference?
Great activities for your literacy center.

Career Day is so much fun.
Students dress up for a future occupation and share information about what they will do.
They will write about it and be sure to get pictures!!

I love each of these stories for read aloud.  Each story has a comprehension activity to support key details and facts.

And so much more...
Graphic organizers, Mini Books for informational text, activities to support key facts to learn, craft.

I love comparing and contrasting urban and rural.
Where would you rather live.

 Love the template and how students create community helpers using it!


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