Friday, September 23, 2016

The Hat and The Mitten

 Your students will LOVE "warming up" with these two delightful stories by Jan Brett.
They are perfect for comparing and contrasting, sequencing, and reading with expression.
The packet contains similar activities for The Hat and The Mitten.
What you see here will be for The Mitten.
Each story has vocabulary cards and a discussion page for partners.

There are so many word work activities for kiddos.
The Mitten has definition, word search, syllables, and parts of speech.
The Hat has ABC order and more.
Writing is also a part of the packet.
Graphic organizers, descriptive writing, opinion, narrative.

Each story has a Reader's Theater, perfect for kiddos to practice reading with expressions.
There are also picture character cards for identification.
These are followed by a recall sheet on animals in the stories.

I really love the comprehension activities that accompany each story.
Sequencing, story elements, who/what/where, and fact/fantasy.

I included some data collection, story problems and board games for the kiddos to support mathematics.

All in all a great day.
Wear your favorite hat.
Bring your favorite mittens.
Enjoy learning through literature.


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