Thursday, September 29, 2016

If you give a cat a cupcake...

I love this story and so does my class.
It is so much fun and the PURRRRRfect activities accompany it in this packet.

Look at the cute cupcake for decorating and putting their birthday on.
We even made class cupcakes and decorated them.
(I made the cupcakes at home and brought in frosting.)
Following the decorating and eating we wrote...If you give a student a cupcake!!
Then to fit with our "how to" writing we wrote about making cupcakes.  You will love their responses.

Then there are a number of sequencing, cause and effect, and even some describing the different settings in the story.

There are 12 colorful vocabulary cards for posting and word work activities.
Syllables, ABC Order, Making Words, Word Search

The craft is so cute.  I also added a page topper to decorate their writing.

There is also some data collecting and 2 games.  The math focuses on addition to 12 and includes a recording sheet.
Besides the how to stories there are sequencing stories for the students with a class book cover and 3 differentiated final write pages.

If you complete this packet with your class they are sure to have lots of fun!


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