Saturday, September 17, 2016

NGSS Exploring Cycles and Patterns

Science always seems to be something we overlook in the primary grades.
Yet we know that our students score low in the math and science areas.
That is why I decided to take a close look at the NGSS and build products that support the standards.

If you look they are clear, concise, and key to the development of future science goals.
In each packet I also include vocabulary for posting and suggested literature that can be found in your library or many are found on line.

The packet includes a cover to create a student activity journal.
The journal is filled with interactive lessons shared in the standards listed above.
I LOVE it.  They go beyond we have a sun, moon, planet, stars.
Key information is presented on positions and reasons for changes.
 Lots of informational text is included in the form of an anchor chart, a mini book, and posters.
Embed these into your reading time.
 Writing includes opinion and factual.
After a lesson on why we have four seasons the class writes about their favorite and prepares a class book.
 A cut and paste flip book is there for students on the day and night sky.
They will also work on identifying the seasons by pictures and description.
 Finally there is a note to go home to parents to share what their child is exploring in school and an assignment they can do together to increase understanding of the concepts presented.
 The craft covers ROTATIONS and what happens because of them.
Grab this sorting FREEBIE!


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